OSWESTRY Town Council will have to bring in professional help to successfully find a home for the potential Splash Park, a report has said.

Councillors recently voted to find a new location for the Splash Park within Cae Glas Park, which was approved in 2022, after it was deemed the plan to combine it with the current play area would not work.

A report from clerk Arren Roberts to councillors ahead of Wednesday's full town council meeting has recommended working with a professional landscape architect to deliver new plans.


He said: “Members will recognise that the council team do not have the necessary skills to prepare such a plan and that if they wish to investigate alternative locations for the water play facility.

“And to consider how it integrates with the remainder of the park, then there is a need to commission some additional support.

“The council have successfully worked with a landscape architect on two major projects – the Garden of Remembrance at Oswestry Cemetery and the integration of the Wilfred Owen Statue in Cae Glas Park.

“Landscape architecture involves the planning, design, management, and nurturing of the built and natural environments.

“With their unique skill set, landscape architects plan and design parks, streetscapes, trails, public open spaces and other projects.

“They would not be involved in the construction but offer a skill set throughout a project from inception to delivery on site.

“Should council wish to deliver the Water Play Facility, the involvement of a landscape architect would increase the chances of a successful project.”

Mr Roberts added that any expenditure would be met by the Smithfield Capital Receipt and recommended the project be led by Cae Glas Management Group with a brief from council.

He added: “There is much for council to consider in order to determine a way forward, but the first consideration is whether or not to commission external support to deliver the vision.

“The recommendation is to appoint a landscape architect.

“The second is to provide the Cae Glas Management Group with a brief.

“It is suggested that this asks for ‘a high level masterplan’ for Cae Glas Park with suggestions for how the space can be used to meet the needs of the community.

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“In addition, the council wants options for a suitable location for a water play facility including concept drawings and layout plans.

“Cae Glas Management Group, working alongside officers, will need to put together a detailed specification and the Tender Group will then need to determine this specification and how services will be procured.

“The final decision on any appointment will be made by council.”

The meeting starts at 7pm at the Guildhall.