COMPLAINTS have poured in about an electrical vehicle charger in Chirk which hasn’t been operational since it was installed in 2021.

The charger near The Tavern, in the Hand Terrace, Chirk, has not been operational since it was installed in May 2021, according to complaints on ZapMap, a website for locating charging points.

Huw Jones is among those who have experienced the issue with the first North and Mid Wales 100kw charging station in Chirk.


He said: “It never actually worked since it was installed.

“It’s really disappointing as there was quite a lot of costs going into that.

“It feels like such a shame they spent the money but it doesn’t work.”

Huw drives a Polestar and thinks that having the charger could also boost the local economy.

He added: “It could help a lot of people.

“There’s a lot of people passing through on the A5 that could stop here to charge their car and go in the local shops or restaurants – it really is such a shame.”

Huw can use a plug at his home to charge his car but said it would be more “convenient” to have one in town as well.

“I can charge it at home”, he said, “And there are a couple of other places in the area, like McDonald’s, where people can charge their cars, but one in town would be convenient.”

Some of the comments on the ZapMap website include drivers complaining to Wrexham Council.

Most said it’s a “waste of time” and that are “disappointed”, and others say it looks functional but doesn’t connect to the grid.

The main issue highlighted in the complaints is that the charger accepts the contactless cards for payment but doesn’t recognise the cars.

Wrexham Council says it is aware of this issue and is working to expand the network.

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A spokesperson said: “We are aware of the issue with this charger. 

“In the next few months we are developing a private/public partnership with a longer term contract for provision and maintenance of an EV charging network across the county.

“Through this approach we will be able to ensure that the network expands as necessary and that the existing network is operating more effectively.”