FIRE crews and an Air Ambulance were called out to an incident near Oswestry in which a car collided with cyclists.

On Sunday, November 26 emergency services tended to two casualties created by a road traffic collision in Maesbrook, Oswestry.

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Services first received a call reporting that a road traffic collision had taken place at 9:31 am.

Four fire crews from Baschurch, Oswestry and Wellington were dispatched. A Heavy Rescue Tender, designed to deliver additional and specialist Road Traffic Collison equipment to incidents, was also dispatched. An Operations officer was also in attendance at the scene.

Crews used cutters and spreaders to deal with the incident, using Holmatro equipment to release 1 casualty from the car.

Ambulances, police and an Air Ambulance were also called out to the scene, with both casulaties from the incident leaving in the care of the ambulance.

The stop message for the incident was received by Shropshire Fire and Rescue at 10:33am.