A NORTH Wales priest is set to feature in Netflix's popular TV show spin off airing on Wednesday (November 22).

The first series of Netflix hit show 'Squid Game' was a huge hit with viewers in 2021 leaving them on the edge of their seat from the first episode.

While Squid Game may be all fiction, its new spin-off is anything but as 456 contestants compete for a huge cash prize.

Featuring in the new series as contestant 123 is Father Lee Taylor, priest-in-charge of St Collen's Church in Llangollen.

Across all 10-episodes, players will compete in a series of real-life challenges that aim to test their physical and emotional strength.

Father Lee was approached by Studio Lambert, an independent television production company known for producing Gogglebox, The Traitors, Race Across the World, The Circle and Four in a Bed, back in 2022 and asked if he would consider being one of 456 players from around the world to enter the competition show in pursuit of a record-setting cash prize of $4.56 million.

Father Lee was taken by surprise at the request that he appear on the show, but was encouraged by Studio Lambert to embrace the opportunity.


The spin-off is spawned from the original Netflix show Squid Game, a South Korean drama which became the most-watched series on the platform back in 2021.

The show's cutthroat strategies and unrealistic time restrictions made it one of the most daring fight for survival shows the world has ever seen. But it didn't end there.

Squid Game: The Challenge will premier on Wednesday, November 22 on Netflix.