Ofsted inspectors have handed a good rating to one of north Shropshire's biggest schools.

The Marches School, in Morda Road, scored a ‘good’ rating its new report from the schools inspection body, who said it provides a good educational space for pupils.

Five inspectors came to the school to take part in the inspection at the school, which is one of the biggest in a trust that also includes Sir John Talbots School in Whitchurch, and Tilstock and Lower Heath primaries around Whitchurch.


Headteacher Alison Pearson expressed her pride in the school's achievement.

She said: "We are thrilled with this deserved outcome of the inspection.

“It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire school community."

Mel Ford, His Majesty’s lead inspector said children enjoy going to The Marches School.

Border Counties Advertizer: The school is happy with the recent report.The school is happy with the recent report. (Image: The Marches School)

The report read: “Most pupils and all students in the school’s sixth form, enjoy coming to school.

“Relationships with staff are respectful and trusting.

“Pupils feel safe and are well cared for.

“They are enthusiastic about the many experiences and opportunities that the school provides.

“These opportunities help to prepare pupils well for their next steps.”

Mrs Ford also complimented the school’s approach to education.

She highlighted: “The school’s curriculum is well designed and ambitious.

Border Counties Advertizer: “Pupils feel safe and are well cared for, the report read.“Pupils feel safe and are well cared for, the report read. (Image: The Marches School)

“In all subjects, ‘learning journeys’ identify the most important learning and how that will be built upon, over time, to reach the planned end points.

“In nearly all subjects, teachers follow the subject plans closely.

“Most pupils are interested and keen to learn.”

The school’s policy of live assessment was also complimented.

“The school’s policy of ‘live’ assessment in lessons ensures that teachers are quickly identifying where pupils have gaps or misconceptions”, Mrs Ford said, “Formal assessment checks where pupils are in their learning but also identifies any patterns in underachievement.”

Although full of praise, the inspectors did note a couple of things the school could improve.

Some of the areas that need further work are the plans not being implemented “well enough”.

The inspectors added: “This is often where teachers’ subject knowledge is not secure.

“As a result, pupils do not learn as much as they should and do not always remember what they have learned.”

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The report also revealed that although most students behave well, there is a small number struggling to meet the school’s “high expectations of behaviour”.

The inspectors noted: “The school supports these pupils well, so that disruption is minimised quickly.

“The few pupils who do not meet those expectations are actively supported to understand why they need to modify their behaviour.”