CHILDREN and adults alike flocked to Ellesmere’s town hall to make lanterns for the seventh year of the lantern parade, a key part of the town’s Winter Festival.

The lantern-making workshop, held by Fizzgigs, Ellesmere's community arts group, is a long-standing part of the town's holiday tradition, marking its seventh year.

Fiona Matthews, a mother of two who lives in Wrexham, emphasised the event's significance to her family.


She said: “It’s become part of our family tradition.

“We used to live closer to the town, but come back every year for this.

“The Festival marks the start of our family Christmas."

Even town mayor Anne Wignall made a lantern, alongside adult daughter Catherine.

She added: “The fun isn’t all for children.

Border Counties Advertizer: Beatrix, Damien and Florence ThomasBeatrix, Damien and Florence Thomas (Image: Fizzgigs)“We’re really looking forward to seeing our lovely town fizzing with light.”

The day was filled with excitement as families crafted lanterns shaped like stars and space rockets hinting at potential theme for the festival, according to Mirjana Garland, Fizzgigs' Chairman.

Damien Thomas from Ellesmere brought along Florence and Beatrix.

He said: "We’ve come to every one.

"They’re brilliant."

The Winter Festival is set to take place on Friday, November 24, with the parade beginning at approximately 6.30pm.

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Another free lantern making workshop will be held at Ellesmere Town Hall on Tuesday evening between 6pm and 9pm.

All materials are provided. Children of primary school age must be accompanied by an adult.

“It’s sensible to wear old clothes as you may get messy,” said Mirjana.