AN OSWESTRY-based beautician, who attracts customers from all over the country, has been shortlisted for the Semi Permanent Make Up Artists in the UK award.

Hannah O’Keefe who is the owner of HLO Beauty in Oswestry is one of the finalists for the awards.

The red carpet awards lauds hard work and triumphs in beauty and aesthetics industry, with the evening dedicated to individuals and teams breaking barriers in an ever-evolving field.

Hannah, 35, has started her business 10 years ago and she is thrilled with her progress in the industry.


She said: “I was a nail tech for two years before I started semi-permanent make-up.

“I used to see it on Instagram and Facebook and I loved it and really wanted to do it – I felt really passionate about it.”

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Hannah’s business is quite well known in the beauty community, she’s had people come from all over the country, Cheltenham, Devon, Hampshire and lots of other places.

The beautician’s platform is growing, currently at 23.7k followers on Instagram.

“Eyebrows have always been the most popular, but lop blush and eyeliner are coming fast from behind”, she added.

This is the first time Hannah has been nominated for an award.

She continued: “It is nice to be recognised.

“I am nervous and excited at the same time.

“I am happy to be in the top 10, never mind taking the first, second or third place.

“If I come home with any of the first prizes I’ll be happy.”

The final award ceremony is in Manchester on Sunday, December 3.