A MAN arrested last summer after brandishing a sword in a major Oswestry road has been spared jail after admitting stalking at Shrewsbury Crown Court.

Charlie Quick, 29 and of Old Chirk Road in Gobowen, was given 17 months – reduced from 21 months for changing his plea before a magistrates trial – for stalking his former partner between December 2022 and May 2023.

He was given a second consecutive four-month sentence – reduced from six – for brandishing a three-four foot sword in Shrewsbury Road, close to the Highwayman pub, in June this year.

However, Recorder Anthony Warner told the defendant it would be suspended as he had made good progress in his recovery from alcohol dependency and to allow access to mental health professionals.


Prosecuting barrister Holly Kilbey told the court that on June 29 this year, police were called to Shrewsbury Road after reports of Quick in the road with the sword.

Police arrived and while initially the defendant taunted them, he put the blade down so officers could lower their tasers and arrest him.

They smelled alcohol and identified a white powder under his nose, and Quick pleaded guilty to that offence at Telford Magistrates Court in July.

Miss Kilbey added that the defendant initially denied stalking but defending barrister Alexa Carrier confirmed he changed his plea more than a month before his trial.

Recorder Warner heard that for a period of four to five months, Quick sent messages making threats to kill his victim, saying that she deserved to be raped and would wake her at her home in the middle of the night.

The court heard a victim impact statement where said she was left with depression, sleepless nights and was on edge, leading to problems in her work as Quick had sent items there.

In mitigation, Miss Carrier said a number of references were submitted in Quick’s defence, that he has new job as a scaffolder and no longer drinks.

She added that he is a ‘different man now’ and self-referred to the Shropshire Recovery Partnership and was supported in court by his family and a new girlfriend, and that there was ‘genuine remorse’ for his victim.

Recorder Warren said: “The root of your behaviour is alcohol.

“Your partner of some years had given up on your in circumstances entirely understandable because of your unpredictable behaviour.

“You didn’t accept that because from December to May 2022 there were a series of incidents that amounted to stalking.

“They included threatening to kill her, waking her by banging on the window and telling her that she deserved to be raped.

“Blocking her driveway and sending her quite disgusting photographs of you, which you now understand was wholly unacceptable.

“This left her feeling anxious scared, exhausted, depressed and feeling unsafe in her own home, left with uncontrollable shakes over fear over what you may do.

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“Though you taunted the police, you did eventually put the sword down but the officers said you smelt of drink and had white powder under your nose, presumably drugs.

“Not only has the root of your past and this recent offending been drink, you have clearly experienced fragile mental health and a breakdown which may explain the disgraceful way you behaved.”

Quick was also given a seven-year restraining order blocking all contact and approaches to his victim, both direct and indirect at her home and place of work.

He will also undergo a 120-day alcohol abstinence monitoring order and up to 25 rehabilitation activity days and will pay £420 in costs.