A TALK with Olympic triathlete Jonny Brownlee next month is proof Oswestry is attracting big names, according to the event organiser.

Alan Lewis, from Adrenaline Sporting Events, is hosting the talk with the gold medal-winning triathlete on Monday, November 6, a year after his brother came to the same venue at Oswestry School.

Alan believes that with the brothers, plus Olympic cycling legend Dame Laura Kenny and four-time Olympian and gold medal winner Ed Clancy, also visiting in recent months, it demonstrates how the town can attract big stars.


He said: “We have Jonny coming to see us in Oswestry – we had his brother Alistair last year.

“I think, first and foremost, this wouldn’t be happening if Alistair hadn’t enjoyed himself so much 12 months ago when he came to Oswestry.

“The way the calendars have worked and the way their schedule has worked meant we only had a small window to invite him here.

“His Paris 2024 Olympic preparation is paramount so two things helped get him here.

“One is that his brother had such a good time and two that this was the window of opportunity going into his vital block of training for Paris.

“We’re really looking forward to him coming – we’ve had Ed Clancy, we’ve had Dame Laura and we’ve had Alistair, on top of others.”

Alan, who organises events such as the Oswestry 10k and Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon, admitted that getting access to Jonny while he is focused on another medal hunt in Paris 2024 has made him feel proud.

And he added he was delighted that people who have bought tickets to the event can have such unique insight into an athlete’s preparation.

Alan added: “Jonny is our fourth gold-winning medallist coming to Oswestry and that makes us really proud too.

“He might be the first to come to us while still in an Olympic cycle – Dame Laura had just announced she was pregnant when she came so didn’t go to the next Games.

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“That ruled her out, so absolute it’s our first current Olympian.

“Also, with Ed Clancy, Jonny is an athlete who has gone to or will be going to four Olympics as well.

“That makes it more special too as he’s in the cycle.”

Anyone wishing to buy tickets can do so by heading to www.adrenalinesportingevents.co.uk for more details.

The talk will be from 6.30-9pm.