THE NORTHERN lights have made another appearance on the Oswestry skies earlier this morning - and local photographers were there to capture them.

The Met Office forecast suggested the Aurora Borealis, could be briefly visible to the naked eye in northern England in the past couple of days -  and the celestial display over north Shropshire certainly didn't disappoint.


During the early hours of Tuesday morning, September 19, hues of purple and green coloured the Oswestry sky.

Oswestry Hill Fort Car Park was one of the places the display was detectable, and one of our Advertizer Camera Club, member, Jody Wilson, shared with us one of their shots.

Border Counties Advertizer: Aurora Borealis in Oswestry Hill Fort Car Park Aurora Borealis in Oswestry Hill Fort Car Park (Image: Jody Wilson)Melissa Jones also took an amazing picture of the Ellesmere sky last night.

Border Counties Advertizer: Northern Lights over EllesmereNorthern Lights over Ellesmere (Image: Melissa Jones)

The MetOffice said that the beginning of the week is likely to see some enhanced auroral displays at high geomagnetic latitudes, although conditions look unfavourable for prolonged clear skies for most regions at present.

The phenomenon is set to be visible again overnight between Tuesday, September 19 and Wednesday, September 20, until 6am.