A DRIVER has said she has seen what was "unmistakably" while passing along the A5 towards Oswestry.

A member of the public claims to have spotted a black panther on the grounds of Aston Hall on July 30, at around 7.15pm.

They shared the encounter with online forum Puma Watch, which collates reports of big cats across the country.

According to their reports the beast was under some tall trees on the grounds of Aston Hall.

They told Puma Watch: “It looked like it had caught something and was holding it down.

“I stopped and went back to see if I could photograph it, but within a minute it had gone, and I was too nervous to get out of my car to look more closely.


“It was unmistakably a panther, from its size and long black tail that bent up at the end.

“Its profile contrasted with the green grass.”

But this was not the only sighting reported in North Shropshire in July.

Another member of the public said they heard the sound of what was an undisputedly ‘big cat’.

The encounter took place in Dudleston Heath near Ellesmere, on July 19 at around 1.15am.

He told Puma Watch: “ Sound only of a big cat.

“It was six to eight meters away from my bed.

“I did not see it, only heard the sound.

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“I love all cats.

“This one was saying “I have this place. Do not mess with me.”

“I think it may have had food in its mouth.

“The next day, my two standard house cats were on edge, looking for danger.”

For more on these sightings you can visit Puma Watch on https://pumawatch.co.uk/