RECENT developments in a restoration project have brought substantial progress, despite some distractions during June.

The Montgomery Canal project has seen two work parties, with one coinciding with the official opening of the last completed phase.

Notably, plans and future requirements have been actively discussed and agreed upon in addition to the restoration work.

Project manager Tom Fulda expressed optimism about the progress on the ground, with successful trials of the specified lime mortar mix earning commendation from CRT (Canal & River Trust).


A key objective of this year's pilot scheme involves informing the waterproofing requirements.

These sites will undergo preparations to meet the necessary depth and bank stability criteria but will not include new waterproofing or lining.

Heritage requirements concerning wharf wall and wash wall repairs south of Crickheath Bridge have already been agreed upon, while other aspects, especially ecological benefits, are receiving significant attention in light of recent legislation.

Generous grants from the Association for Industrial Archaeology will fund the replacement of broken and crumbling copings from the original wall.

The July work party witnessed site preparations for water tests, involving tasks such as site strip, channel bed depth checks, and bank profiling.