A CO-OPERATIVE wholefood store in Oswestry is celebrating 45 years of trading.

Honeysuckle, in Church Street, was created by four like-minded friends in 1978, with new and departing members always on an equal footing for the business.

Jessie Miller explained the background of how the store has operated over the last four decades.

“Honeysuckle is 45,” said Jessie, who is a co-operative member.

“Since 1978, the wholefood co-operative has enjoyed being at the heart of the high street in Oswestry, serving people who care about food, where it comes from and how we all impact the environment.

“Started by four like-minded friends in the 1970s the co-op structure has ensured that the people running the business work together on an equal footing.


“As people have come and gone over the years the current co-op members ensure that the shop is a happy hub of classic wholefood staples, organic fruit and veg as well as specialist dietary items and a refill service on ecofriendly body care and cleaning products.”

Sarah Nelson, a co-op member since 2016, admitted the achievement is something that has left her and her fellow co-operatives delighted.

She said: “Times do change but we hope that Honeysuckle is a constant, friendly presence in Oswestry offering really good food and genuine, caring service.

“So many of our customers have become friends and quite honestly it’s a joy to come to work.”

Jessie added that while the day-to-day workings of the co-operative is different and modernised, she says the spirit and meaning of their work is unchanged.

She said: “Times have indeed changed since 1978, but many of the products Honeysuckle stock today have changed little since the day the shop opened.

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“Oats, flours and grains are still packed and sold in huge quantities and many brands from the early days have also stood the test of time.

“In the late 70s original co-op member Thoby would drive to Corwen to collect vats of tahini and peanut butter from Meridian.

“Now it arrives in neat glass jars, but the quality of the product is still the focus for Honeysuckle.

“So, here’s to the next 45 years of good food and good times for Honeysuckle.”