MORE carriages could be introduced to the Wrexham to Chester route as £800m is invested in new trains.

Concerns were raised by commuters that the trains running from Wrexham to Chester are often full.

This means that some waiting at Wrexham board the train without being able to sit for the journey to Chester.

Plans are in place to change this, however, with Transport for Wales (TfW) confirming that more funding for trains will mean more carriages.


Lee Robinson, Development Director for Mid, North and Rural Wales, said: “Transport for Wales is investing more than £800m in new trains, with the Wrexham to Chester route increasingly being served by the brand new Class 197 fleet, which are built in Wales.

“As more of these trains become available, we will be able to use four and five carriages during busy periods to significantly increase capacity.”

TfW has also recently announced a new 5-step plan to improve services between Wrexham to Bidston.

The plan includes improving the reliability of the new Class 230 trains, which were introduced to the line earlier this year, through investment into the new depot at Birkenhead.

It will also see them improving customer service and information available during disruption and keeping all rail replacement to a minimum.

Learning from customer feedback, TfW will also make buying tickets as easy as possible and is reviewing all ticketing options, as well as continually reviewing the rail timetable.