“IT'S pretty cool, yes.”

That was the reaction of an Oswestry-based businessman who found out this week that the flexible mirror sheeting product he sells was used by a Dutch fashion designer for the biggest name in world music – Beyonce.

Tim Robbins has provided the sheeting to a rolling variety of different outlets – museums, shopping malls and more – but he said he was delighted to find out designer Iris van Herpen had used the material on a shimmering dress for the Renaissance World Tour.

The dress, which the Crazy in Love singer wore during herAmsterdam show, used the flexible material to create a body piece as part of a wider dress with a stunning cape.

Tim admitted he had been waiting to see how the fashion designer would use the mirror.

“It was really cool – very good,” he said.

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“They’ve been ordering my material for a couple of months – it’s mirror sheeting that comes in a roll, like wallpaper but you don’t use it for that.

“It’s flexible mirror, like silver coated plastic that is available out there.

“It’s a mirror – she [Iris] ordered quite a lot and when people do I always like to find out what they’re using it for as it costs a fortune to ship it to them.

“I like to know as if it’s not going to be right for them then I tell them upfront.

“They ordered and I told them I might be able to help if they told me what they were planning to do with it.

“She replied that they were making a dress, or clothing, but she wasn’t specific, but I thought great, I’ve been waiting for someone to do that.

“But then I didn’t hear anymore until she sent me the message saying you were interested in what I was doing with the material.

“I Googled it and found out it was the dress she wore for her latest show in Holland.

“It does look cool – pretty amazing.”

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He admitted he was taken aback when he received a message from the designer encouraging him to Google the dress, as it was different to previous uses.

He added: “It’s different as it normally ends up in different applications like home gyms and dance studios.

“It’s been used for the interior of a shopping centre in Kuwait, the National Museum has had it, as had the National Theatre, as well as other fashion designers.

“I’ve had it in the window at Selfridges, but I would say Beyonce is the most high profile yet.”

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The stunning creation has received rave reviews and been featured in a number of well-known magazines, including Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.