The hot, humid weather has arrived in the UK as the summer temperatures have begun to really crank up the heat over the last week.

As well as the pollen bomb affecting many people, the warm temperatures can cause other problems.

Just one of the symptoms aggravated by heat can be swollen feet and ankles, which can make it difficult to get around due to the excess fluid when you want to enjoy the sunshine.

Kate Booker, nutritionist at Nutrition Geeks, spoke to The Mirror and revealed some tips on how you can prevent the health condition also known as heat oedema.

Some of the ways you can prevent swollen feet and ankles in the heat

Exercise is key

"Exercise daily, even if this is just a walk, boosts circulation and reduces the fluid build up.

"There's so many other benefits like boosting mood, making vitamin D from the sun and getting steps in too!"

Keep your feet above your head

"When your feet are higher than your heart, it allows the fluid to drain. You could also put them on a chair if you don't want them against a wall."

Try to cook from scratch

"We do need salt but it's better to avoid table salt which is processed and use a mineral rich sea salt that is unrefined instead.

"Eat a nutrient dense diet with antioxidants and real ingredients."

Remember to stay hydrated

"When we sweat, we sweat out minerals too so keep in mind that these will need to be replenished.

"Some important minerals to consider are: potassium, highest in fruit and vegetables; sodium, which we can take from good quality sea salt; magnesium, which we can get from green leafy veg, dark chocolate and Epsom salt baths.

"Reducing alcohol and avoiding excess caffeine can help avoid dehydrating yourself."

Give yourself a foot massage

Kate told The Mirror that a foot massage can help "increase circulation and stimulate blood flow.”

To encourage the draining, you could try "gentle, sweeping motions towards the heart."

She also recommends using an oil such as coconut or olive oil.

Be careful choosing your footwear

"Allow your feet to breathe, walking barefoot without restrictive tight shoes. You'll also get the added benefit of grounding too!"

Border Counties Advertizer: Wearing the right footwear could help ease the discomfort of swollen feetWearing the right footwear could help ease the discomfort of swollen feet (Image: Getty)

What is heat oedema and why does it happen?

This unpleasant swelling can happen because the heat around you causes your blood vessels to naturally expand (dilate), reports My FootDr.

The website adds: “As they do, fluid can leak into the surrounding tissues.

“Pair this with gravity encouraging the passage of larger volumes of fluid down into the legs, and you’ve got swollen feet, ankles and even legs."

It’s important to note that swollen feet and ankles could be due to other health problems and you should always consult a doctor if you have any health concerns.