OSWESTRY’S very own James Bond is still in awe following his red-carpet experience that led to a famous director agreeing to come to the town for a screening of the latest 007 documentary drama.

The former BBC Radio Shropshire presenter was invited to the premiere of ‘The Other Fellow’ by Matt Bauer himself, after he spoke about living with the famous name on BBC 5 Live.

He explained how the director got in touch saying how positive he was about sharing the name with the character and asked him if he wanted to come to London’s West End.

James said: “My wife, Calli and I, thought ‘When will we have the chance again to go to something like this?' So we went down to London, met the producers and other people with the same name.”


James met the others and saw the different experiences they went through and it was really fascinating.

He added: “One of the guys I met was a Swedish James Bond who made this sort of his life.

“He liked the glamour – he’s got the car and he set up a James Bond museum in Sweden.

“There was another guy that was there too that got so fed up with all the jokes and references that he changed his name.

“I have loved being called James Bond my whole life – I don’t understand people that see it as a negative.”

Border Counties Advertizer: James Bond (left) and another one of the people sharing 007's nameJames Bond (left) and another one of the people sharing 007's name (Image: James Bond)

Mr Bond was born just before the first movie, Dr No, came out in 1962. He said his mother had never even heard of it at the time.

“It cheers people up and I don’t mind the jokes, you just smile and go with it,” he said.

When meeting Matt Bauer, James told him about the Oswestry Film Society, with which he is involved in.

He continued: “I told him I am involved in the Oswestry Film Society, and asked him if he would come up – thinking he will never come.

“But he said that it’s been so frantic with launches in Europe and America and just to have a day or so out to do a little launch in a part of Britain he doesn’t really know sounded perfect.

“So we got that sorted and he will be staying at our house for a couple of days.”

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Mr Bond added that he will show him around the best parts of Oswestry.

“It’s crazy – and if I was called something else this wouldn’t have happened,” he said. “Now I am thinking where do you take a famous film director.”

‘The Other Fellow’ focuses on the various stories of the people called ‘James Bond’ and their stories.

The documentary drama will be on show at Kinokulture, in Arthur Street, on Thursday June 8, from 7.30pm.

Viewers will also be able to enjoy a Q&A with the director after the movie.

To purchase tickets visit https://www.oswestryfilmsociety.com/