JUDGE Rinder made a surprise appearance at a north Shropshire pub earlier today (Wednesday, May 17).

Robert Rinder - best known for his popular ITV show as well as a stint on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing - popped into The The Dickin Arms in Loppington, to film a segment of his upcoming series ‘Judge Rinder's Crime Stories’.

And according to those at the pub, he was 'the same as on TV’ during filming at the premises.


Jamie Taylor, co-owner of the pub said: “Channel 4 approached us for filming at the pub as they said it’s pertinent to the area, especially Loppington.

“We had to start work a lot earlier than normal, but other than that we didn’t have to do much in advance – they just sort of came in and set up, all very easy.”

He added: “Mr Rinder is a very nice man, quite similar to what you would see on television.

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“I don’t know much about the series, but he was nice, and it was a pleasure to meet him.”

The filming crew left after four hours of filming at the pub before heading to a different location.