AN OSWESTRY nightclub has been taken over by new owner and has been rebranded ahead of re-opening weekend.

Gibsons, in New Street, will now be known as Frankie’s Nightclub, after Mike Frankie Edwards took over the site.

Mike has a lot of experience with running nightclubs, after making a success of two clubs in Mallorca in the past.

He said: “Previously I ran two nightclubs in Mallorca so I have experience in doing that.

“I have spent a lot of time and effort, and listening to people on what they want, doing my research to turn Frankie’s into a successful club.”


The new owner will also try and introduce more taxis to the area, and is currently speaking with Shropshire Council about this.

Mike added: “We want to try and introduce taxis to get people safer.

“And when people come out of the club, they need a safe ride home, without worrying how they might get back.”

The club will be fully refurbished, with a new bar, tv screen all throughout and projector screen for all sporting events.

Mike is especially proud of the new sound system.

“I think it will be great, the world class sound system and lightning will really liven up the place” he said.

The new owner hopes that the club will be versatile, and in the future it will cater to both young people and the older generation.

“I want to bring the fun back into Oswestry, for the new generation and the older one” he added. “We will try to introduce as many features as we can to make it appealing to everyone.”

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The new nightclub will open to the public during the bank holiday weekend starting Friday, April 7, with doors opening at 11pm.

Mike continued: “We would love your support, so pop along, see what’s new, and I will be around if you want to say hi or if you have any questions.”

Ahead of the evening, Mike will also host a private opening for his friends and family on Thursday night.