A MEETING between the family of a woman who passed away in hospital and medical professionals did not go ahead, a coroner's court heard.

Megan Jane Thickens passed away on July 14 last year in the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford and the inquest which took place in Shirehall on Tuesday, April 4 heard that medical professionals intended to have a meeting with the family, after they could not agree on the cause of death.

The meeting did not go ahead as planned, with strikes by junior doctors being given as one of the reasons.

Chief coroner for Shropshire Telford and Wrekin John Ellery heard that medical examiner Dr Srinivasa Rangan believed that a tracheostomy (surgical airway management) had contributed to Mrs Thicken's passing but her surgeon Mr M Donnai did not believe this to be the case.


Mr Ellery said: "I hoped by now a meeting would have taken place between the family and medical professionals."

He added: "Dr Rangan said in his capacity as a medical examiner he would defer to the opinion of clinicians.

"He said Mr Donnai was far better qualified.

"The family were unhappy about this.

"It takes me back to the proposed meeting. It may have addressed any family concerns."

After hearing from medical professionals at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals Trust, the chief coroner said in his conclusion he did not believe the tracheostomy contributed to Mrs Thickens' death.

He said: "I have heard the evidence and I say this respectfully.

"I cannot give a medical conclusion.

"Tracheostomy did not contribute to Mrs Thicken's death. It goes against what Dr Rangen told them.

"I accept Dr Rangen does defer to the opinion of Mr Donnai.

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"As a fact, I accept the medical cause of death as late-onset life-threatening Laryngeal cancer. That is the natural cause."

Megan Jane Thickens was born in February 1934 in Llanidloes.

She was 88 years old.