PLANS to install solar panels on land near Ellesmere have been refused planning permission by Shropshire Council.

Applicant, Steve Jones wanted to install the panels on land at Winston Farm but was refused permission by the unitary authority on Tuesday (March 7).

But planning officers felt it would have a negative impact on the local landscape.

Shropshire Council case officer, Richard Dennison, praised the plan for its green credentials.

But he believed it would have a negative impact on the local landscape.

He said: "The proposed installation of a solar panels on land associated with Winston Farm would allow the generation of a renewable form of energy to match the on-site energy demands of the business and helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the business.

"As such it is supported in principle by both national and local planning policy.


"The proposal would not adversely affect local amenity or existing drainage or flooding conditions.

"It is assumed that once the solar panels have got to the end of their useful life they will be removed, and the land returned to its current condition."

He continued: "However, the development is on rising field slope and there is potential that the solar panels will impact on the local landscape character.

"No landscape visual impact assessment has been submitted and therefore at this point in time it has not been demonstrated that this development will not cause any detrimental impact on the local landscape character."

There had been no public comments on the matter, but Ellesmere Rural Parish Council supported the plans though with some concerns.

A spokesperson said: "The parish council raised one query regarding the potential visibility of the panels from neighbouring properties - assuming there is no detrimental impact on visual amenity the application is supported."

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