Councillors say the community benefit from the Newbridge Road road slip should go towards the building of a bridge over the River Dee. 

At a Chirk Town Council meeting on February 15, there was talk about expectation of small amount of money which will go towards the building of a footbridge over the river Dee connecting Ty Mawr and Tan Cut woods.

Vice chairman Councillor Frank Hemmings said the project is in the early stages.

He continued: “I am a big supporter of the World Heritage Site and this development could see a footbridge over the River Dee linking the canal with Ty Mawr.

“This is in the early stages at the moment but any bridge would have to be in keeping with the site as it would be in the buffer zone.


“To create a circular walk without having to use the roadway would be a asset to the WHS and have great health benefits for its users.”

A spokesperson from the Chirk Town Council also added that all the councillors have agreed to the community benefit from Newbridge Road.

They said: “The local County Councillors have agreed the Community Benefit from the above road is to go to the Wards of Chirk North and Cefn East.

“The decision was made to share the benefit between the Wards of Chirk North and Cefn East towards the eventual building of a bridge over the river Dee connecting Ty Mawr and Tan Cut woods with the assistance of both local Councils.”

Situated in-between Newbridge and Cefn Mawr, the B5605 plays a huge role in connecting the surrounding communities and villages.

Due to serious flooding across Wrexham during Storm Christoph in 2021, the pavement beside the road collapsed, with an emergency road block put in place immediately.

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