A 'suspicious vehicle' has been spotted in Halton area just outside of Chirk, prompting police to look into the incident.

Wrexham Rural officers posted an update on the incident on the Community Alerts website.

The vehicle appeared in the area yesterday night (Saturday, February 11) around 9.30pm.

A spokesperson said: “NWP received a report of a vehicle and its occupants acting suspiciously in the Halton area.


“The vehicle, a VW panel van, was seen in the Halton area at around 21:30hrs. When asked what they were doing, or where they were looking for, the occupants of the vehicle were unable to give a straight answer or valid reason for why they were in the area.

“Whilst we hope this is an innocent occurrence we would advise people to remain vigilant, and continue to report any suspicious incidents to ourselves via 101, online or 999 in an emergency.

“Patrols of the area will continue and enquiries are on going.”

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