SHROPSHIRE Union Canal Society brought together workers from all over the country to complete the latest phase of work.

The work party saw the removal of the remaining large items from the LAF compound, and by the end of the weekend, starting January 13, the Crickheath South compound was fully established.

A spokesperson from the Union said that volunteers came from as far as London to help with the work being done.

They said: "All in all a very productive three days which saw volunteers travelling from many different compass directions, including one regular stalwart from London.

"We are always looking to encourage new volunteers, and also new members, to join us and the Society."

Friday saw a large crane-lift lorry relocate three containers to the new compound together with a number of other large items including the beloved concrete mixer.


Work proceeded on the following days to fully establish the new compound with connection of the water supply and erection of the welfare shelter.

"The shelter was completed with perfect timing on the Sunday afternoon, ready for us to move in at the next work party" added the spokesperson.

Whilst work in the compound was underway many other tasks were undertaken.

Unlike the relentless rainfall in the preceding days the workers were blessed with generally dry and, for much of the time, sunny weather.

But with water in the channel by the wharf north of the compound, work focussed in the area to the south.

Some volunteers continued vegetation clearance in the channel south of the compound complete with the inevitable bonfire, always popular on chilly days.

Detailed surveying work focussed this time on the channel itself, with measurements were taken from one side of the channel to the other every 10 metres.

The Society said: "This will inform the detailed design and dimensions of this section of channel restoration.

"Over half the channel has now been surveyed."

Further work to establish the detailed construction of the wharf wall was undertaken.

This will inform the extent and method of repairs required.

By the end of the weekend, decommissioning and tidy up activities in the old compound were completed.

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