THE LIBERAL Democrats have tabled a motion to cancel Parliament recess for conferences over the next to weeks and scrutinise the 'mini' budget.

North Shropshire MP Helen Morgan is calling on Liz Truss to scrap the upcoming break to allow scrutiny of the Government's mini budget.

The Lib-Dems are also asking for urgent measures to be put in place to help support families and small businesses through the winter, including an expanded windfall tax on oil and gas companies to fund a proper freeze on energy bills.

Helen Morgan said: "If Liz Truss wants to show leadership she should cancel Parliament’s break and instead pass the measures needed to support families and businesses this winter – starting with a windfall tax on oil and gas giants and a price cap for heating oil.


"The Conservatives have already wasted enough time holidaying and arguing among themselves while the rest of the country has been anxiously worrying about energy bills and ambulance delays."

Parliament had 45 days holiday over the summer, and since then has only sat for seven full working days.

MPs are now due to go on another 17 day recess for party conferences, straight after the government announces its plans to address the cost of living crisis.

The North Shropshire MP added: "As always it is rural areas that suffer the most from the Government’s lack of leadership and the Conservatives are again showing their disdain for people in places like North Shropshire.

"Now the Tories are proposing another unnecessary break while dodging scrutiny of their budget plans which involve lumping huge amounts of debt on the country."