Oswestry Town Council is a very open organisation and anyone can come to a council meeting to ask a question.

Mr Wiseman came to the meeting on July 18 to ask a good question – why didn’t we use a local based contractor for the installation of solar panels on Powis Market Hall?

Unfortunately, he shared the question in a letter to last week’s paper, but not the answer he received from the clerk, so here it is.

Where the town council has control over appointments we have used local contractors such as PaveAways who are finishing the alleyway upgrades and the ramp to Horsemarket Car Park and Jones Brothers who are working on the former Edinburgh Woollen Mill building.

For the Market Hall solar array we took advantage of a Government grant which required us to comply with their procurement policy and tender the work nationally.

ZLC, the successful company offering best value for money, may not be local but have a strong local presence having been chosen to install over 1,700 solar panels at the RJAH (Orthopaedic Hospital). So, it was hardly surprising that they won the tender process and the decision to appoint them was a unanimous decision of the town council.

Cllr Duncan Kerr,

via email