Archaeologists from the Universities of Oxford and Southampton returned to Nesscliffe Hill to continue recent excavations, as well as offering people the chance to be part of the team.

Nesscliffe Hills and the Cliffe Countryside Heritage Site, managed by Shropshire Council, covers two wooded hills and a heather covered ridge, and gives expansive views over the Shropshire countryside and Welsh hills.

Nesscliffe Hill is an impressive Iron Age hillfort, but also with later Roman occupation, and has already been subject of excavations that have revealed some interesting finds.

In 2019 details of the earth and stone rampart surrounding the site were explored, together with a monumental stone entrance with guard chambers.

The entrance was further explored in 2021, together with the opening of new trenches in the hillfort’s interior where houses had been indicated by geophysical survey.

Cecilia Motley, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for communities, culture, leisure and tourism, and transport, said: “It’s great to be welcoming archaeologists back to Nesscliffe Hill and we look forward to learning even more about the site from their excavations this year.

“I hope people seize the opportunity to take part in the excavations too.

"It’s fascinating learning how these digs work and how they reveal so much about Shropshire’s history.”