ONE of Oswestry's most known sporting faces says he been blown away by his experience of volunteering at the nearby Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Alan Lewis, owner of Adrenaline Sporting Events which organises Oswestry 10K and the Shropshire Santa Run, has spent the last week working with delegates and athletes taking part in the triathlon.

While no stranger to international events, Alan admits this edition of the Games is special because of how close it is to home and what it offered Shropshire participants.

"It's been amazing – it's my third Games and for me, having this so close to Shropshire has been really nice," said Alan.

"It's been nice to see local people not only enjoy it but seeing those that have been educated in this area participating in the games.

"From that side, I'm not sure that's ever happened before, where we've had a games so local before, or not for a 100 years so it's been unique and really good.

"I worked in London in 2012 but you had to pretty much move down there for nearly 10 days but it was special.

"And having it in Birmingham is really special, especially when you see the calibre of people competing but also from my own perspective, it really is about the Commonwealth.

"It's not just about the front runners but it's about the countries that maybe are not established in certain sports e.g. India in the triathlon.

"The weather has been great, really kind and using Sutton Park has been brilliant.

"All the residents have come out to support and in some areas of the race, the support has been five, six, even seven deep, and the noise was incredible."

Alan organises multiple events across a number of venues and says he is more inspired to keep working with volunteers who make his own events work.

He said: "I rely so heavily on volunteers, helpers and marshals and without them, none of the events can work.

"When time is allowing, I volunteer occasionally for the Park Run, and for the Commonwealth Games of course but I've done Olympic Games, and other championships.

"I really do get a true understanding of how people and volunteers are, so for me, it's hugely to be important to be here.

"But I think these Games are going to kickstart a lot of new dreams for children and young people."