We are all the way to the dangerzone this weekend at kinokulture cinema as ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ screens this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets will be rarer than hen’s teeth, but it may be worth check the website at www.kinokulture.org.uk for any last-minute availability.

The film screens again the week after so try for those dates too.

On the ‘free’ streaming services there is an abundance of enjoyable content.

iPlayer has the late Chadwick Boseman’s final film, '21 Bridges' available, a fairly predictable but enjoyable thriller with Boseman playing an NYPD detective hunting a pair of cop killers in the Big Apple.

He orders the closure of the bridges linking Manhattan to the surrounding area, yup, all 21 of them, to isolate the killers.

There’s shootouts, chases and corruption in the mix, and the great JK Simmons giving his usual all in a supporting role, helping lift the film from its middling origins.

It’s a 3/5 film, but sometimes a 3/5 film is just what you need.

Definitely not a 3/5 film, and also on iPlayer, is the hilarious Irish comedy ‘The Young Offenders’.

A film so successful it was turned into a sitcom, running for 3 seasons to date.

The film is a short sharp blast of quick humour, profanity and general incompetence as two 15 year old best mates discover bales of cocaine washed up on a beach and decide to become drug dealers.

It’s the kind of film that has an energy and drive that’s hard to resist, it never stops moving, but still manages to slip in some genuinely moving drama and pathos.

We’ve become so accustomed to mediocre comedy that this one stands out like a diamond in the mine, genuinely funny, and at just 78 minutes long, a film you actually wish was longer.