AN OSWESTRY church has announced it will be moving location after 58 years

Hope Church was established in Laburnum Drive in the 1960s in Oswestry and over the last eight years, the church has been planning to change location and base itself in the centre of the town.

The new site is located in English Walls and near the central car park and the construction of the new building began earlier this year.

Emma Bebb from Hope Church said being more visible in the town motivated them to move location.

She added: "The desire to be involved in the community of Oswestry was a significant factor in the move of location for Hope Church.

"They wanted to be more visible to the town.

"A hub for the community that was more accessible.

"Already the site is being used as it includes the row of shops and offices of Market Gate.

"As you walk along the Market Gate walkway you will also see a dog groomers, hairdresser and men's clothing shop.

"Hope staff are settling into the office spaces alongside a care company that rents the larger upstairs spaces."

Emma said the church will be able to seat many people and the church will serve as a place where people can go for coffee.

She explained: "The toddlers group and other clubs use the other available downstairs rooms.

"So there is plenty of space and lots going on.

"Over the last few weeks the steel structure for the new auditorium has started being built.

"This will seat up to 300 people.

"This auditorium will be available for the community to use for other events and meetings.

"Attached to the auditorium space is a welcoming, open area where people can come and meet together for a chat and a coffee."

Emma explained the church has been involved in the town for a very long time.

"Hope Church as always been involved in our local community, setting up projects in the town like a Christian bookshop, the Kingswell Community Centre and the furniture store.

In recent years the Church has set up Compass House, which is a home that supports a small group of young men back into independent living and offering support so people can find a way out of homelessness.

"Where there is always hope that circumstances and people can change."

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