BUSINESSES in Oswestry have spoken of their concerns over it was announced major roads in the town are going to be closed for a week.

Road works are planned to take place on Shrewsbury Road, Salop Road, Leg Street and Beatrice Street starting on Thursday, September 15. They are expected to last for up to a week.

A lot of work, including up to 10cm of resurfacing will be taking place in Salop Road, Leg Street and Beatrice Street.

A Shropshire Council Spokesman said: "Shrewsbury Road, Leg Street and Beatrice Street are all set to benefit from investment to improve the road surfaces. These busy roads have sustained wear and tear which now needs to be addressed through resurfacing.

"In the coming weeks we will continue liaising with key local stakeholders.

"Business will also be engaged to understand their needs and care will be taken to reduce any impact on their operations."

Nigel Passant is the managing director of Cartridge World in Salop Road and said he had concerns over the plans.

He explained: "It isn't great when it is a week because the word gets out to people and they avoid town.

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"They have got the choice of a 10 or 15 minute drive to Wrexham or somewhere.

"It may put some people off in coming into the town. For us it is a difficult one to analyse because we have never really analysed it.

"We normally get deliveries and so it is not easy for delivery drivers if there are road works.

"It is not the best news in the world but it is not the worst I guess."

Anne McKay works in Under One Roof in Beatrice Street and said workshops held in the store would be affected.

She added: "They did have a couple of weekends where they were closed just at the top.

"But it was not for a long period of time, it was just a short period.

"But it definitely affects because people do not see you any more. We do workshops, that would affect three classes of ours.

"I guess it is a bit bumpy isn't it. Looking at it, it does definitely have potholes in it."

Amanda Denham from EC Hollywell in Beatrice Street said it will impact disabled people and businesses.

She added: "We have got a lot of people who are disabled who park across the way there.

"It is going to be interesting, the whole town will be bunged up by the time they've finished.

"They need to improve the pavements up here because the pavements all dip into the road.

"The butchers have lorries and vans to get their stock in.

"They'll have to park them down the road and somehow get them up here."

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