PLANS to help insulate poorly-heated homes in Oswestry have put forward to be funded by the town council.

A motion put forward by former mayor Councillor Duncan Kerr at a recent meeting was to create the Oswestry Warm Homes scheme which would be in partnership with the Marches Energy Agency.

This would be to offer free loft insulation and other measures to alleviate those in fuel poverty in the town, with an initial pilot scheme of 50 homes recommended by Cllr Kerr, and the work to be carried out by the agency.

He also asked for town clerk Arren Roberts to produce a full report on the work needed.

Presenting his motion, he said: "It’s going to be a very difficult winter for those on low income.

"We can’t help everyone out but we can help some out in uninsulated houses.

"It’s incredible that we in 2022 we have house without loft insulation which is very easy to do.

"The agency is happy to come into partnership with us and they're willing to operate a pilot scheme for people in Band A and B houses.

"We need to ultimately make sure these houses get done; it means that people in Oswestry can have warmer homes."

Cllr Kerr's motion was well-supported by his fellow councillors, but some queried the costs and the processes left to Oswestry Town Council.

Cllr Paul Milner said: "I’m all for this but how do we know if residents have been to their landlords, or haven’t gone to those sources first?

"Or are we picking up the blanket tab? Who are we sending out to check and how are we checking?

"I am all for it but what are we expected to put into it."

Cllr Mark Jones also supported the motion but reminded councillors to bring costings to the chamber in order to reduce the town clerk's workload.

Councillors asked whether residents should be using their landlords for this work but Cllr Kerr told the meeting that some tenants feel unable to raise the subject with their landlord.

In order to provide more information, Cllr Kerr said: "The people with the expertise are the Energy Agency and I am happy to facilitate a meeting between them and the clerk."

This motion was passed.