A BID to re-locate a public footpath near to a private school in Oswestry has been opposed for a third time by the town council.

After first trying to move footpath 10, which cuts through it's playing field, Oswestry School returned to the Guildhall this week to show what changes it had made to plans.

Oswestry school bursar Phil Bowd spoke at last Wednesday's amenities meeting for Oswestry Town Council, and he said that the school is still motivated to move the path because of safeguarding issues.

He said: "This is the third time we’ve tried to schedule the footpath but objections have been raised.

"Our two reasons are safeguarding and also for health and safety, specifically for dogs, to stop them dirtying the field or chasing footballs.

"This is the third bite of the cherry.

"Previous issues were around the fencing, especially during winter months.

"We will still need to fence the path off but we are flexible about how we do that.

"The previous design had a dog leg left but this is a straight design and we have also changed the access from the previous spot, and not the mini roundabout.

"The new route was less convenient, a bit hillier and also longer and it was proposed by Shropshire Council Highways.

"We are hoping that this third route ticks more boxes for people."

However, councillors remain unconvinced that alternative routing of the path will alleviate concerns over pedestrian safety, with Councillor Duncan Kerr also highlight a lack of certainty over fencing.

Cllr Kerr admitted he was not convinced the choice of fence material for the new footpath could be enforced by the council.

He said: "I am worried about the fence and they were very vague and I am not aware of a legal process that we can keep them to the open link idea.

"My motion is that we recognise the school has tried to address previous issues but we are unsure fencing is legally forcible and there are other issues.

"And that we remain opposed to it because it’s a worsening of the current situation."

Cllr Josh Cockburn agreed, stating that people could get caught between fences, while Cllr Paul Milner objected to the new fenced path passing near gardens creating, in his opinion, noise and litter pollution.

Councillors did express sympathy towards Oswestry School's work on making changes but passed a motion to oppose the plans.