A LETTER will be sent to Shropshire Council leader Lezley Picton from Oswestry members urging her to abandon the North West Relief Road around Shrewsbury.

The motion, brought by Councillor Olly Rose, comes after a similar letter urging the council to abandon the scheme was sent to Cllr Picton by Shrewsbury and Bridgnorth town councils earlier this year.

Cllr Rose said the plans for the relief road were a 'hugely climate damaging white elephant' and that it should be withdrawn, depsite Shropshire Council stating it intendeds to push through.

"We (Oswestry Town Council) have already made many objections to this on biodiversity grounds and cost grounds too," said Cllr Rose.

"The costs have just been spiralling since it started – there’s already enough Shrewsbury-centric spending going on.

"But also, Shrewsbury Town Council and Bridgnorth Town Council have written to Grant Shapps to ask the Department of Transport to look at the issues around this.

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A map of the North West Relief Road. Picture by Shropshire Council.

"I am asking for Lezley Picton to look again at it."

However, Cllr Frank Davis, representing Cabin Lane, suggested the road would prove its use long-term after a switch over to electric cars.

He said: "Are we being a short term here?

"This is a better way to go as they’re not doing anything for Shottaton crossroads (on the A5).

"There will be environment issues but long-term when everyone has electric cars it’s a good way to go."

Cllr Jonathan Upton sided with Cllr Rose's motion, stating: "Whether we’re for or against it, Shrewsbury Town Council, the council for the area, is against it and that’s a bad omen."

The motion was passed.

Meanwhile, both former mayors Clrls Duncan Kerr and Mark Jones agreed that charity shops should be considered as a working option to fill empty spaces as part of the town's action plan for the year.

Cllr Jones dismissed the negativity around charity shops.

He said: "Charity shops are effectively recycling shops and they should be welcomed."

Cllr Kerr, chairing the finance meeting, agreed.

Councillors also voted to defer an application for funding for the shop front funding scheme in Church Street until a planning enforcement notice was cleared up.