AN OSWESTRY Travel boss has insisted that travel problems are not as severe as social media suggests after issues at airports over the summer.

Travelling has proved to be problematic in recent weeks, due in part to this week's rail strikes, and long queues and short staffing at airports seeing flights cancelled.

But Roger Blake, manager of Liberty Travel in Oswestry, said that while there were problems, they were not as severe as some were suggesting.

"There are some issues and people are being caught up in it, but it's not chaos," he said.

"The social media is creating problems that do not exist."

Jordan from Polka Dot Travel, Oswestry added: "They had made travel a lot easier now after the years we've had, but with the airports it's putting people off.

"We haven't experienced many issues, about two out of ten have experienced some problems."

Both of the travel agents' advice was that people should travel normally, and not panic, arriving at the airport at a decent time before the flight, instead of making the queues worse.

But people need to be careful as Nadine Houghton, GMB National Officer, said: "With grim predictability, holiday makers face massive disruption thanks to the pig-headedness of British Airways.

"BA have tried to offer our members crumbs from the table in the form of a 10 per cent one off bonus payment, but this doesn’t cut the mustard."

A summer of strikes is predicted after hundreds of British Airways workers voted for industrial action this summer.

Rail strikes have impacted the UK this week, and even though Transport for Wales is not involved in the dispute, the strikes have still impacted on services as workers strike over pay and job security.

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