WITH the cost of living crisis expected to take hold as energy prices rise in the UK into winter, one volunteer is asking people in Oswestry for help with items to keep people warm.

Gemma Cassin, who is also an Oswestry town councillor, is asking people in the town to help her find storage to provide warm clothes, blankets, among others, to those who will struggle most this winter.

In 2021, Gemma held a kindness stall on the outdoor market where she accepted clothes and passed them onto the community free of charge.

Not only does it provide people with items they may not be able to afford but the short project recycled a huge amount of textiles, with a focus on warm and waterproof clothing, curtains and blankets.

But she said that without assistance in finding storage this project cannot go ahead.

“As an individual I don’t have the funds to pay rent," she said.

"So I’m looking to the kindness of the people of Oswestry to help me.

"Warm clothes and blankets are not a solution but they do help; they’re an extra barrier against the cold, and the project would also sign post to other help available.

“The last few winters have created a situation where people had to choose between eating or heating, this winter there isn't a choice."

Gemma added that the need for the support on helping people this year is doubled by the removal of the price cap for energy prices, as well as other issues facing a winter home.

She added: "People in the lowest incomes will not be able to heat their homes to a level that is comfortable or safe.

"Those families and people are most likely to have ineffective heating, insulation and a have pre pay meter which is not only more expensive than monthly billing but when you're out, you're out.

“I know we’re all enjoying the summer but winter creeps up.

"If we have nothing in place we will see people suffer.

"Children, the elderly and disabled are statistically more likely to be affected by the cold – I fear we will see people dying in their own homes.”

If anyone can help Gemma with dry, accessible storage like a garage etc please contact her at gemmacassin@hotmail.co.uk