PLENTY of Oswestry residents braved the elements to welcome back an old celebration under the new name of Cae Glas Live on Saturday.

Formerly Party in the Park, Cae Glas Live brought together some of the best bands in the area to perform for young and old as families flocked to enjoy the afternoon and raise funds for Hope House Children's Hospice in Morda.

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Oswestry mayor Councillor Jay Moore, who has been one of the principal driers behind the live music event's return, admitted he was delighted to see the park full of families, despite the weather taking a turn for the worse.

"It is absolutely fantastic," he said.

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"It is something the community has been asking for a really long time.

"It is that one event which due to management issues and security concerns that it did disappear off the calendar.

"And it took a long time to convince people that we could do this again and we could do this safely.

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"We are very lucky we have got a new council, they have got a fresh way of looking at things and events like this are no longer completely off the radar and a blanket no.

"People are willing to listen and trust us that we can run these events.

"Early in the day it was very good.

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"I was hoping a good few thousand throughout the day, all donating to Hope House – we are going to be in a really good position to have made a positive impact for the charity."

Diane Murr, volunteering officer for Hope House, said she was pleased members of the public donated to the hospice.

She added: "So far people have been really generous, everybody is stopping and putting something in the bucket.

"We are very grateful to the council for choosing us as its charity partner for this event.

"Certainly, this is the first time we have had anything to do with a Cae Glas event.

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"But we have only just been able to go back to having normal outdoor events for fundraising.

"After the lockdown and the rules and regulations, just in this last couple of weeks we are able to get back to doing things normally which is great."

Diane said the event will help Hope House raise the money needed to provide its services.,

She explained: "We have to raise more than £6 million a year in order to provide services and it is events like this that help us do this.

"It is not every job you do where you know that what you are doing makes a difference.

"But for families we are supporting, many of them will say they did not know what to do, how to cope till they found us.

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"We help families make life as normal as possible for them.

"We are there when they need us."