A PRIMARY School outside Oswestry has been named the winner of a national competition organised by its near-neighbour, the British Ironwork Centre.

Kinnerley CofE Primary School, near Oswestry, won the award from The British Ironwork Centre as the winners of their 2021 International Schools Mosaic Competition.

Visiting the Ironworks on a free VIP school trip, the school were crowned winners of the competition and received certificates for 32 participating students to reward them for their fantastic efforts on the winning mosaic design.

Rhiannon Andrews, from the Ironwork Centre, congratulated the school for its victory.

She said: "As a congratulations for beating 600 schools, both from the UK and worldwide, Kinnerley Primary School has also been presented with a flower wind spinner for each student, as well as a free lunch catered for by the British Ironwork Centre.

"Using pebbles donated by the community, the school created five mosaics each depicting an owl.

"The students created designs inspired by their owl-themed class names, with the most creative and eye-catching being chosen to be the designs of the final mosaics."

The British Ironwork Centre have further school competitions planned, with more informations et to be announced on its website, https://www.britishironworkcentre.co.uk/

The company's Facebook page will also be used for future announcements and details on how to take part.

School trips, and the educational Extinction Trail, at the British Ironwork Centre are completely free entry.

To book your school trip, please enquire at info@britishironworkcentre.co.uk