This weekend features a dramatised appearance by Oswestry’s most famous son, Wilfred Owen, in the film ‘Benediction’.

The focus of the film is Owen’s peer, Siegfried Sassoon, and the challenges he faced for his pacifist stance during the First World War.

Peter Capaldi plays the older Sassoon and Jack Lowden portrays the poet in his younger years. Owen is played by Matthew Tennyson, most famous for his role in 2014’s excellent ‘Pride’.

Director Terence Davies is often described as one of Britain’s greatest directors and fans of grown-up character driven cinema should find much to enjoy. ‘Benediction’ screens this Friday and Saturday nights with a matinee on Sunday. Tickets and more at

June is Pride month, and not just any Pride month, but the 50th anniversary of the first Pride event in the UK.

Oswestry Film Society are joining in with a screening of hit Australian comedy ‘Ellie and Abbie (And Ellie’s Dead Aunt)’ next Tuesday, June 21.

I always think Australian comedies are like labradors, utterly lovable, always eager to please and with a big heart, and ‘Ellie and Abbie...’ is no exception.

Seventeen-year-old Ellie comes out to her mother who is taken aback by her out and proud attitude.

Ellie wants to ask classmate Abbie to the school prom and seeks advice from her Aunt Patty (The always recognisable Rachel House, ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’).

Unwanted advice also comes from her late Aunt Tara, an LGBT activist who died in the 1980s and who makes a surprise supernatural reappearance to help her niece.

The film is a lovely warm mix of coming of age and coming out comedy and drama, helped along by a genuinely funny script and that indescribable Aussie charm. For tickets and more visit