Stirring Second World War drama ‘Operation Mincemeat’ screens this weekend at Kinokulture, Friday to Sunday.

Likely sold out by the time you’re reading this but worth checking for last minute availability.

Anyone wanting to see the hugely popular ‘Top Gun – Maverick’ screening early July in Oswestry should book ahead now, surely a guaranteed sell-out.

Onto some home streaming now. Amazon Freevee is a version of Amazon Prime Video with films and some TV shows available to stream for free. Just Google ‘Amazon Freevee’ and follow the links. The downsides are a limited selection of content, and the appearance of advertisements, a small price to pay for some fantastic films.

Start with 2015’s underseen British comedy ‘Superbob’ starring a host of vaguely familiar faces. This little gem sees London Postie Bob being hit by a meteorite that endows him with superhero powers including super strength and the ability to fly. It doesn’t do anything about his British sense of humility and shyness though, and in between saving people from burning buildings we see him embarrassed at the local care home and struggling with costume fittings. Anyone tired of the endless Marvel production line will find much to enjoy in this sweet and charming comedy.

Secondly on Freevee, entertaining US comedy drama, ‘Lucky Grandma’. Set in Chinatown, New York, the Grandma in question loses all her money at the casino. Finding a lost holdall full of cash, she believes her luck has turned, only to get in over her head when the gangster owner comes looking for the loot. It’s a sharp and funny 90-minutes with a sparky lead performance from 85-year-old Tsai Chin, recognisable from the poker table scenes in ‘Casino Royale’. Well worth sitting through a few ads for.