Andrew Gaynord makes his feature film directorial debut with a paranoia-soaked dark comedy co-written by Tom Palmer and lead actor Tom Stourton.

Pete (Stourton) has moved on from the hard-drinking hedonism of his youth and he is ready to settle down with his girlfriend Sonia (Charly Clive).

When university friends Archie (Graham Dickson), Claire (Antonia Clarke) and George (Joshua McGuire) invite him away for a country weekend retreat, Pete is convinced this would be the perfect opportunity to show them that he has matured.

George’s girlfriend Fig (Georgina Campbell) joins the getaway, which spirals into disarray when the pals invite gregarious stranger Harry (Dustin Demri-Burns) to gate-crash their nostalgic reunion.

But is Pete the butt of a sick and twisted prank?