A COMMUNITY around a farm near Trefonen that has been ordered to undo large areas of development fear a challenge from Shropshire Council will fall short.

The council has issued an enforcement notice for Trefarclawdd Farm owner Yareal, telling the farming business to stop bringing in materials being used to raise the level of livestock buildings on the site by four metres.

The owner has also been ordered to remove areas of unapproved hardstanding, restore the land to former levels, fill in an underground slurry system, return the buildings to their approved size and fill in two balancing pools.

Residents of nearby Coed-Y-Go have opposed the development because of a lack of an environmental impact assessment (EIA) but have also been alarmed at continued expansion above agreed planning permission, amid concerns over the number of cows being kept on the farm.

Border Counties Advertizer: The buildings which Yareal have been told to restore to original size.

A spokesman for community members in Coed-Y-Go said: "The community is not confident the notice can be enforced or that Yareal can be stopped against plans that we don't know about or are not announced.

"The big issue is a lack of communication from Yareal.

"Last Thursday at Oswestry Rural Parish Council (ORPC) was the first time we'd heard from them or their agent Richard Corbett.

"That presentation was requested by ORPC following a discussion between councillors but people were left disappointed by answers because the questions they wanted to know – such as as the number of cows and barns – were left unanswered.

"If Shropshire Council don't get a suitable and sufficient environmental impact assessment then they have to carry out the enforcement.

"If Yareal do have that, and people can see it to make a decision, then we're more likely to make a correct decision.

"But the general feeling here is that people don't want any more expansion to what they see at present.

"They don't want any more than 500 cows because of the impact on the community."

The spokesman added that Shropshire Council's attempts to enforce the notice were welcomed, but also suggested retaining the pools.

They added: "We didn't want that because they have a lot of pipe work going through one 12-inch pipe that could flood Coed-Y-Go.

"Shropshire Council appointed WSP as a sub-contractor to look at the drainage, and WSP recommended that the balancing pools go in.

"But neither WSP or Yareal had planning permission and that's why the pools are to be filled in."

Mr Corbett, from Roger Parry and Partners, representing Yareal, said the company was planning to challenge the enforcement.

He said: "We intend to challenge the enforcement notice served on the site, however we are actively working with Shropshire Council to resolve any outstanding matters through a new planning application that will be submitted imminently."

The enforcement will come into effect from Friday, June 17 unless an appeal is launched.