Following on from Endpoint Automation Services (EAS) sharing news earlier this year of its ambitions to expand into the US, the business will be attending a hectic schedule of inaugural project scoping sessions with potential customers in Chicago in late June.

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) specialist business is spearheading its latest move by hosting a virtual webinar on 1 June, providing an insight into the opportunities that software robots can bring, for which a diverse range of US organisations from Federal Government and sports teams to engineering firms and legal practices, have already registered.

Following this, the schedule slots will be allocated for the Chicago-based roadshow timetabled for later that month.

To support its US ambitions, EAS has partnered with Chicago-based MDRN Tech - an independent integrator of digital print hardware, software, security solutions and managed technology services, renown for leading-edge technology and cybersecurity capabilities.

As part of this joint venture, EAS will be supporting MDRN Tech’s clients throughout North America in devising and installing robotic software solutions to assist in increasing workplace productivity.

Russell Lawrie, Commercial Director at EAS said: “After several months of detailed planning with our partner MDRN Tech, we are extremely excited by the opportunity to transform the productivity of US-based client organisations with our intuitive software solutions, complemented with MDRN Tech’s cutting-edge technology and cybersecurity capabilities.

“As global inflation continues to impact businesses negatively, operational efficiency is more crucial than ever to remain sustainable and profitable. Our initial research is showing there is a significant opportunity to export the EAS brand, with an impressive level of positive feedback from potential customers, keen to watch their organisations flourish when RPA unlocks hidden value in their workforce by freeing them from mundanity to use their uniquely human abilities to think critically and laterally.”

EAS has achieved since 2015, over £3 million in cost savings for its clients, through the development and deployment of software robots to replace manual, repetitive processes and freeing up valuable employee time to focus on more complex tasks.