A PLAY centre around a clinic for vaccination against Covid-19 returns to Shropshire next week with a showing in Oswestry.

JABS, believed to be the first ever to be set in a Coronavirus Vaccination Centre, will be at the Hermon Arts Centre on Wednesday, June 8.

Ironically, it was delayed after two of company scheduled for the original performance scheduled at the Hermon caught Covid.

The story draws its inspiration from entertainer Sally Tonge – from Shropshire’s veteran stand up group ‘Three Men in a Bowtie’ _ and her real-life experiences as a vaccinator.

She said: "I soon realized that my vaccination pod was the smallest theatre in the world," said Sally.

“I came across so many crazy and moving stories – there was comedy gold happening every day.”

Sally said she messaged her experiences to her comedy colleague Chris Eldon Lee, who said he could not refuse the chance to make theatre from it.

He added: “It soon became obvious that a play simply had to be written and rehearsed as soon as possible.

“Since September we’ve performed sell-out shows from Whitchurch to Worcester and filled Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn three times.

"JABS, with a cast of three actor/musicians, is played largely for affectionate laughs with a few gentle moments of poignancy and a smattering of songs.

"It’s very much conceived as a piece of pub theatre and is a remarkable insight into what happens at the other end of the syringe."

For tickets to see JABS at the Hermon Arts Centre, in Chapel Street, starting at 7.30pm, head to hermon-arts.org.uk