BUSES provided by Tanat Valley Coaches around town on Saturdays will be free after councillors in Oswestry voted to provide access until March 2023.

The decision was taken swiftly at Oswestry Town Council's monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 18 where it had been an agenda item.

Councillors praised the report into the partnership with Tanat Valley Coaches – who were praised for their role by town and Shropshire councillor Mike Isherwood – which was produced by project development officer Corrie Davies.

This means from now until the end of March 2023, four services in Oswestry – 400, 402, 403 and 404 – will all be free to use each Saturday.

The 400 runs between Aston Way and Llys Road while the 402 between Balmoral Crescent and Windsor; meanwhile the 403 Hampton Road circular and 404 Vyrnwy Drive to Old Fort Road will also be free.

Councillor Duncan Kerr praised the report and the project.

He said: "I welcome this report – it is brilliantly put together and I fully recommend it.

"Hopefully it’ll lead to an increase of bus use on Saturdays in Oswestry."

Cllr Les Maguire asked town clerk Arren Roberts to put arrangements in place for frequent feedback on service numbers to the council.

Meanwhile, councillors have given their support to a 'pollination' project organised by the Borderland Rotary Club, encouraging individuals, businesses, councils and groups to sign a pledge to support the campaign.

Members of the Rotary Club attended the meeting and spoke in public session to urge support.

In the meeting, Cllr Isherwood told his fellow members that while he was supporting the motion in general, he was unsure on what they were being asked to support.

However, it was highlighted that councillors were being asked to support six aims: increase and improve pollination habitat; develop nectar corridors; develop strategic partnerships; encourage action from groups to to plant pollinator friendly habitat ; education for those interest and citizen science initiatives.

Cllr Mark Jones, backed by Cllr Duncan Kerr, urged the council to not only adopt the pledge, but to also instruct the Climate Change Group to actively find ways to work on it.

He said: "I support it but we need the Climate Change group to look at how we can sow wildflowers and how we can help."

Cllr Kerr said: "I agree with Mark, we need to get the groups who do this working on direct action."