Father Stu (15)

Mark Wahlberg plays a fallen man who discovers his calling as a messenger of the Lord in a drama based on an improbable true story.

From an early age, Stuart Long (Wahlberg) yearns to impress his hard-drinking father Bill (Mel Gibson) but the death of his brother Stephen creates a rift in the family that can never be healed.

As an amateur boxer, Stu takes as many blows as he delivers so he decides to try his luck instead as an actor in Hollywood.

Working in a grocery store to make ends meet between auditions, Stu becomes hopelessly smitten by Carmen (Teresa Ruiz), who is an active member of the Catholic Church.

To impress the object of his affection, Stu persuades sceptical Monsignor Kelly (Malcolm McDowell) to allow him to enrol in a seminary.

Against the odds, Stu forms spiritual connections with those in need and pursues a path in the priesthood.