STUDENTS at an Oswestry school have been learning about the dangers of sexual exploitation through a travelling play.

On Monday and Tuesday, May 9-10, pupils at the Marches, in Morda Road, welcomed back Alter Ego Creative Solutions, who presented a 'powerful and eye-opening' production.

The group were tasked with teaching students across the school about the issue of exploitation with their show ‘Chelsea’s Story’ production.

A school spokesman said: "This is a hard hitting innovative and powerful production highlighting the very serious and emotional issue of child sexual exploitation.

"The production shows how young people, boys and girls, are groomed by adults for the purposes of sexual exploitation using various methods, ensnaring young people and eventually taking complete control and dominating their lives.


"The school are aware from experience how impactful these shows are and how they can make a real difference to the safety and awareness of the young people in their care.

"As well as ensuring all the students saw the production, they also opened it up to our community.

"The production has been seen by hundreds of professionals and parents, who state that it has helped them understand the risks and recognise the warning signs of Child Sexual Exploitation for themselves and their friends and families.

"The Marches School is very grateful to both Oswestry Town Council and Cliff Sagar of The Big Cigar Company for their support in funding this event.

"Without their contributions, it would not have been possible to obtain such a high-quality production."