OSWESTRY'S youngest-ever mayor has been officially sworn into the role, and says he is looking forward to uniting his council for the best of the town.

Councillor Jay Moore, 38 and the first mayor under the age of 40 for more than 200 years, was joined at the ceremony this week by partner and mayoress Poppy, as well as son Alfie who was awarded his own 'mini chains'.

Cllr Moore says that finding himself as mayor is a shock as he had no ambitions to even be a councillor, but aims to be one for the modern age.

He said: "It was never my goal to be a councillor, so to find myself in line to become the next mayor of our town was a surprise to say the least.

"I will be the first mayor under the age of 40 in several hundred years, and I would guess likely the first ever fire-breather, drummer, and pro-wrestler to boot.


"It is my goal to be a modern-day mayor, to get some fundraising done and have a blast doing it.

"Exciting times are ahead, and I can't wait to meet as many people as possible while out in town performing my civic duties."

Cllr Moore said he will be dedicating his charity work to supporting young people in the town, hoping to help raise money and awareness throughout his Civic year.

"As a teacher and youth worker I have seen first-hand the significant demand for services that support the emotional health and well-being of young people," he said.

"There is a huge demand on these services and for many, the ability to access these services is either out of reach or will have very long delays.

"I will fundraise and support activities that help bridge that gap.

"Counselling sessions and activities that benefit those in need all cost money; therefore it is my intention to build up a fund, that at the end of my civic year, organisations can bid for funding for any project or initiative that benefits the emotional health and wellbeing of our young people."

Cllr Moore added: "The High Street Heritage Action Zone Fund is an example of how the council's finances can help to bring about change.

"This council has committed to provide match funding so that this initiative can have the maximum impact.

"While not always appreciated locally our financial standing has significant advantages.

"Money raised in Oswestry is spent in Oswestry."