A MID-LIFE crisis propels one disillusioned father to the brink of self-destruction in a Danish black comedy directed by Thomas Daneskov, who co-wrote the script with Morten Pape.

Family man Martin (Rasmus Bjerg) feels ill-equipped to provide for his wife Anne (Sofie Grabol) and two daughters.

Under the auspices of attending a conference, he leaves home, dons the furs of Viking ancestors and heads deep into a forest to live off the land and prove his worth as a hunter-gatherer.

Alas, Martin is poorly equipped to source food or fend for himself against the elements so a local shop becomes a lifeline for provisions.

During one of his sorties through the forest, Martin stumbles upon a badly injured man called Musa (Zaki Youssef).

This stranger turns out to be a drug smuggler on the run from the law and shady associates.

Martin nurses Musa back to health and they embark on a madcap quest to find a self-sustaining community of rugged menfolk in the mountains.