Penny Lancaster has opened up about her “hideous” menopause experience when her mood swings got so bad at one stage that she threw dinner plates across the floor.

The 51-year-old TV presenter and model, who is married to Sir Rod Stewart, spoke about her experience as she reflected on the importance of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), stating it should be free for women.

This comes after the Government’s announcement that it was going to limit the amount of certain HRT products women can access to improve the general supply across the UK.

The action was taken in response to concerns about a shortage of the medication which has left women desperate.

Speaking on TalkTV’s The News Desk, Lancaster explained she had experienced mood swings due to the menopause so badly that one day when her children were arguing in the kitchen she “snapped” and screamed as she threw plates across the floor.

She said the experience was “hideous” and left her in tears, adding: “It was one of those you know, ‘We’ve got to get your mum to the doctor. Something’s not right.’

“Because I’m very easy going, laid back. I take everything with my stride and want everyone around me to kind of be happy, like a lot of mums.

“We’ve kind of balanced everything around us and everyone’s thoughts and feelings come first before our own.”

In October, Lancaster joined other famous names like Davina McCall and Mariella Frostrup at a rally in Parliament Square, where the crowd celebrated as the Government pledged at the time more menopause support and to reduce HRT costs.

HRT can help alleviate severe menopause symptoms including hot flushes, night sweats, low mood, anxiety and difficulty sleeping.

HRT protest
Penny Lancaster and Davina McCall joined protesters outside the Houses of Parliament in October demonstrating against ongoing prescription charges for HRT  (Steve Parsons/PA)

Reflecting on the importance of the treatment, she said: “The demand for HRT is because of the confidence women now have, after a lot of campaigning after the last two or three years, we’re not sort of shying away from it.

“We’re not embarrassed to talk about it. We’re brave enough to go to doctors and demand HRT.

“There should be a tick box, with very, very simple symptoms that you just need to tick, for a doctor for them to finally go ‘okay, assign, assign your prescription. Here’s the HRT.’

“Because it is really, really devastating, and because of this huge demand now, the pharmacists and manufacturers, they just can’t keep up with the demand of the medication that we need.”

She continued: “So I think the message has gone out, and it’s full steam ahead and let’s hope women can get their hands on it, and more importantly, not have to pay for it. I don’t in Scotland and Wales. So we need to move on with this.”

“I believe men can get hold of Viagra for free, so their hormones are being looked after.

“And women play a vital role in the workplace, and so many women are having to lose their jobs and walk away from very high profile positions, just where men and women are in that position in their career, where they could be promoted and become CEOs of companies and very talented women are being lost.”

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